Sunday, 21 August 2011

Its all about now...

actually dah agak berkurun gak aku x tulis kat cni..yeah...aku mmg agak malas skrg...
ntahlah..xde mood kot...
so there's a few things that make my life happier right now..
first,i got 4 FLAT 4 my ups...woot woot-,- my lecturer said that my account is still not good...
i need a lot of practise after this...okay teacher..
"practise make perfect"
I Love Account subject<3
second,i got new 'friend' which i called him as Mr. A....:P
he's actually from Kelantan and  i really don't understand why i often get in a relationship 
with 'mat kelantan'...poor right???huh!
well so far i think he has been such a nice guy...maybe i can consider him as 'alim'...:)
and to be truth,i'm really happy to be with him now...hahaha:D

third,i just bought a new ' cikai' phone when i go for an outing with rai at C-Mart one week before the sem was BM Mobile phone..(siblings with CSL)..and it only cost for rm120...really cheap right???
actually i bought it because my late spiro got a major problems..i can't even read a message and call people...huh!poor things..
~sony spiro~

btw i reaaly hope that my dad will buy 4 me i-pad like what Mr A. had now...
really jelous giller ouh ngan dya!:P

fourth,i'm at home now!!!yeay!<3
 Home Sweet Home.. 

well,not all that happened in our life is sweet...sometime we need to have an upside-down in life..
and all those thing that happened will make us more matured in the future right?
so right now,i and pak cik got some problem..i think we should forget bout the past and 
continue our life with two different path..maybe we are not belong together..
we are totally differ k...
pakcik,i do really hope that u wil forgive n forget me!
i have my own life now!!!

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